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Alliant SB

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Alliant SB GWAC

MILVETS Alliant Small Business (SB) IT Services Government-wide Acquisition Contract (Alliant SB GWAC)

MILVETS Systems Technology, Inc.
Contract # - GS-06F-0642Z

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) announced award of the Alliant Small Business Information Technology (IT) Services Government-wide Acquisition Contract (Alliant SB GWAC) to more than 48 small business contractors. As an awardee, MILVETS is now among the eligible contractors that are able to compete for federal government procurements under this contract set-aside that has a five-year base period and a five-year option period with a potential overall value of $15 billion. Alliant SB will provide for a broad range of information technology solutions to federal agencies without the expense and time involved in open market set-aside procurements.

The objective of Alliant SB GWAC is to provide civilian agencies and the Department of Defense (DoD) the ability to obtain a broad range of Comprehensive information technology (IT) support services in a timely and cost-effective manner under multiple award contracts. The Alliant SB GWAC provides a wide range of IT support services, while providing the greatest amount of flexibility possible to efficiently and effectively support agency daily operations, protection of infrastructure, the fight against terrorism, and the development and marketing of emerging technology. The Alliant SB GWAC is designed to achieve innovative solutions and best value products and services to support Federal Agencies worldwide.

MILVETS is one of 48 small business awardees now able to support the Alliant SB GWAC.

Additional information in contained on this Alliant SB GWAC portal as well as the GSA Alliant SB portal.

Additional information can be obtained at the GSA Small Business GWAC Center.

MILVETS Central Contractor Registration (CCR) page

DUNS: 153887773

Prompt Payment Terms: Applied on a task-by-task basis


Bob Fier         (301) 731-1834          


Janna Babcock         (816) 823-5320          Contract Specialist

Aletha Pelham          (816) 823-2456          Contract Specialist